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Playing And Writing Well With Others

September 2, 2009

Playing And Writing Well With Others

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Tawny Weber Feels Like the First TimeI want to welcome Tawny Weber, one of my favorite Blaze authors, to Over Coffee. She writes some wonderful stories and may I add, they’re hot enough to sizzle bacon. Her characters are fun, quirky, and realistic.

Today her topic about writing with others and  with the new four part Mini-Series launched by Blaze, Dressed To Thrill.

Writing is, by nature, a solitary pursuit. We spin tales and weave make believe in our minds, then carefully craft them into stories with pen or keyboard. For some, that’s done in a quiet space, others in a cacophonous crowd. But it’s generally done alone.

At least it is in my little world. I’m a major lone-writer…I do brainstorm with my critique partner, the amazing Beth Andrews, and revise with my editor. But the story writing itself is an isolated process. At least, it was until my latest book…


Writers: do you write alone or do you have a group you work with?

Readers: are you a fan of connected stories?

Come the discussion and share your thoughts with us Over Coffee.