W Is For Writing- Lane Robins

W Is For Writing And Structure

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My guest today is author Lane Robins, also known as Lyn Benedict (Sins & Shadows).

Lane’s topic for discussion: how to keep control of a story, both in character arcs and plot lines. Especially with deadlines looming. I’ve seen all sorts of visuals and story building devices to keep everything straight. Her visual is an intriguing concept.

Writing is the best job ever. It gives you the opportunity to create worlds, characters, plots. You get to play with magic, religion, history. Best of all, you get to play with the office supplies.

Call me irrevocably warped by long afternoons in my father’s office, but I adore office supplies. As a writer, I get to use them whenever I want. However I want.

Every writer has their own process to creating a novel; mine involves a rainbow of sticky-notes and posterboard.

For me, novel genesis goes something like this:

I clear off the table, or at least half of it. I lay out a piece of foam core, posterboard, sheet of cardboard. I take the cats off of it. Repeatedly. Then I draw a giant W with a black permanent marker…

Come Join in the discussion. What works best for you?

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