Life Changing Moments

Life Changing Moments

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Please welcome Suspense author LJ Sellers.

I’ve always enjoy hot summer read. LJ Sellers has a tasty recipe for a one: toss in some criminal intrigue, add in murder, human drama, shavings of socio-political themes, and then add a cool Detective to solve it all and you have The Sex Club. Nail biting is optional. Or not.

Lj shares with us some thoughts on life changing moments. She touches on writing, day jobs, the need to feel good about yourself while waiting for that ‘break’ from aspiring author to being published.

” Milestones tend to make me reflective. Often they make me want to reassess and regroup. Not this one. Nearly 20 years ago, I sat down and started my first novel. I remember the scene clearly: a Commodore computer set up in the bedroom, a cup of coffee in hand, and a yellow reporter’s tablet with some sketched-out ideas.

Much has happened in my writing career since then, and we’d need a whole pot of coffee to cover it.

Have you had a life changing moment? If so, please share.

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